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Crickets may be dormant overwinter as young nymphs or adults. The overwinter eggs hatch in late spring and adults appear in late summer. Females can lay up to 728 eggs. If they are inside they breed all year round. Their eggs are placed singly in crevices, such as behind baseboards, cinder blocks in basements and crawl spaces, behind wall voids, and other dark places.

Camelback crickets are usually found higher in a structure such as ceilings and are very brazen meaning they may jump at you or even on you! Camel back crickets also known as cave crickets do not chirp like the other kinds of crickets.


Outdoors, crickets are typically found in cool, moist places such as under mulch, stones, railroad ties, woodpiles, debris, ect… They are nocturnal or active at night and hide during the day. Other places they can be found around homes are in wells, drainage, pipes, under a/c units or their concrete pads, sheds, etc.. With the approach of cold weather, they seek sheltered places such as sheds and houses.

Indoors, they can become problems in damp basements, utility rooms, crawl spaces, garages, and occasionally attics. They often invade structures when it becomes hot and dry outside seeking moisture. When crickets do enter homes, many kinds of clothing and even carpets can be damaged. Their favorite fabrics include wool, cotton, silk and synthetics.
They eat out large areas of fabrics as opposed to the small holes typical of clothes moths.


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