Mice Control

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House mice and or rats are not only a nuisance by damaging/destroying materials by gnawing, and eating and contaminating stored food, they also carry diseases through their hair, urine and feces. The most common symptoms are upper respiratory, headaches and diarrhea but the most threating one is Salmonella. 

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Signs of Infestations:

1. Gnaw marks.

2. Droppings.

3. Tracks or footprints.

4. Rub marks.

5. Burrows.

6. Runways.

7. damaged goods.
Rodents prefer seeds, crackers, cereals and chocolate.

Rodents preferred nesting sites are dark, secluded places where there is abundant of nesting materials nearby and little chance of disturbance. Nesting materials include paper, cotton, packing materials, wall/attic insulation, fabrics ect.. Rodents are nocturnal in habit. 


Rodents are prolific breeders. They reach sexual maturity in 35 days. Pregnancy last on average 19 days. The young are blind and naked except for long whiskers to feel their way around. There is about 9-13 in a litter and about 8 litters a year. Therefore a female can have a new litter about every 40-50 days. 

Mice and rats have keen senses, except for sight because they cannot see clearly beyond 6” and are color blind. They are excellent climbers and can run up most roughened walls. Rodents can swim but prefer not to if they don’t have to. They can jump anywhere from 1 to 6 ft high and can jump down from about 8 ft high without injury. Rodents seek suitable shelter when temperatures reach below 32 degrees and or above 80 degrees, that’s why they are active all year round. They run horizontally along pipes, ropes, wires and walls. 

30% of all electrical fires are caused by rodents due to their constant gnawing!


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