Mosquitoes lay their eggs in an any kind of standing water such as permanent ponds and marshes, temporary flood waters, wooldand pools, drainage ditches, and water contained in tree holes, old tires, buckets, leaves on plants, and gutters ect... If you ever see any water laying in or on something dump it out so mosquitoes can't breed there!

The adult males feed on nectar or sugar. Although the female also feeds on the same she also requires a blood feed before she can lay her fertile eggs.  Females requires about two days to digest a blood meal, lay a batch of eggs, and then seek another blood meal.  Eggs hatch in only a few days.

Most species bite at dusk and dawn but there are some species that will bite all day.

Mosquitoes cause more deaths in the world than anything else! Mosquitoes spread many diseases including:  Malaria, West Nile, Encephalitis, and now Zika!

Anything that feeds from multiple hosts carry disease!